Speaking, Training and Consulting

Seth Freeman has spoken, trained, coached, and consulted extensively on negotiation and conflict management for major institutions and small groups for over a decade.Read more

The Ready & Able Negotiator

Here is a brief, practical guide to getting ready for any important negotiation using a proven, powerful preparation tool called the ‘I FORESAW IT’ mnemonic. Read more

The Great Courses

Professor Freeman has recorded a 24 session course on The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal for The Great Courses. Read more

Researching The Trust Problem

Professor Freeman has long studied the Trust Problem, which he calls The Most Important Question: “How do I know I can rely on your assurances and that it’s safe to deal with you?” Read more

About Professor Freeman

Seth BioProf. Seth Freeman teaches extensively on the subject of negotiation and conflict management. During his twenty-year career he has taught the subject to thousands of students around the world. He teaches students in business school, law school, international & public affairs, and other professions, and teaches people in many other walks of life. He has been nominated in 2009 as NYU Stern teacher of the year. He has also served as a visiting professor at several programs abroad, including the World Economic Forum, Zhongshan University’s Executive MBA program in Guangzhou, China, Beijing University, and Bordeaux School of Management in France.

Prof. Freeman also has an active training, consulting, coaching, and speaking practice and has worked with a wide variety of clients including United Nations diplomats, KPMG, AmLaw 50 law firms, Pepsi and other Fortune 500 companies, the New York City Board of Education, All Angels Episcopal Church, Acumen Fund, and several other non-profits and start-up ventures.

He is often sought after by leading journalists on the subject of negotiation & conflict management. His interviews and op-ed columns have appeared in the New York Times, Bloomberg TV, the Washington Post, Fortune.com, Huffington Post, New York Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, Ringler Radio, and USA Today.

Prof. Freeman is the author of the forthcoming book, The Ready & Able Negotiator: How To Get Set For Any Negotiation with ‘I FORESAW IT,’ the Breakthrough Planning Tool.

Prof. Freeman has recorded a twenty-four lecture course entitled The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal for the Great Courses™.
The Great Courses™ is the preeminent producer of video and audio college level courses in the United States.

He has also served as a trained mediator for the Queens Mediation Center.

Prof. Freeman’s scholarly passion focuses on helping people find wise solutions to the Trust Problem, where someone asks, “how do I know it’s safe to deal with you, and that I can rely on your assurances?” He argues that that question is the Most Important Question which lies near the heart of not only negotiation & conflict management, but also the social sciences, the humanities, the natural sciences, and daily life. It lies near the center of most of the profound human problems we face- from peace and war and global warming to poverty, corruption, economic development, and the progress of civilization. It’s a big deal.

Prof. Freeman practiced corporate law in New York for six years following his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He graduated from Cornell University with an undergraduate degree in economics.

He lives with his wife Cary and their daughters Hannah and Rachael in New York City. He is a doting father and husband.