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Seth Freeman has spoken, trained, coached, and consulted extensively on negotiation and conflict management for major institutions and small groups for over a decade.Read more

The Ready & Able Negotiator

Here is a brief, practical guide to getting ready for any important negotiation using a proven, powerful preparation tool called the ‘I FORESAW IT’ mnemonic. Read more

The Great Courses

Professor Freeman has recorded a 24 session course on The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal for The Great Courses. Read more

Researching The Trust Problem

Professor Freeman has long studied the Trust Problem, which he calls The Most Important Question: “How do I know I can rely on your assurances and that it’s safe to deal with you?” Read more

Great Courses


The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal

In this Great Courses course, Professor Freeman teaches you how to approach all phases of a negotiation, from simple day-to-day transactions to life changing matters; from simple conflicts with family members to job negotiations; from buying a car to negotiating multi-million dollar aircraft deals and peace treaties. You learn how to negotiate competitively and soft on the person’— a key to achieving a mutually satisfying outcome. After the course, you’ll know how to be powerful in any negotiation with gentle strength that lets you both do well, lets you do very well when you need to, and that foster good relationship in the process. In short, you’ll know how to win warmly. Learn more.


Two Ways to Use the Great Courses™ Negotiation Video for Corporate Training

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The Great Courses Testimonials

Seth Freeman is a star teacher and innovator in negotiation studies. In this course, he integrates a wealth of information with best practices to help everyone – novice and expert alike – improve their negotiation skills.  Professor Freeman guides you through the highlights of the very best literature on the subject.  And settle down to enjoy yourself, too.  Because he uses great stories and examples to illustrate his lessons.” G. Richard Shell, Thomas Gerrity Professor, The Wharton School of Business, and author of Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People.


A Master Course! I have watched 8 lectures of this course so far, but it is so great I couldn’t wait to finish it and then come here to post a review. Professor Freeman is a master professor, his style is great. The lectures are so packed with info and research that there is no space for redundancy. Although the course is in the professional topic section you can apply most of its info to other areas as personal, family, business, etc. This is a course most of the people should watch. I really hope to see a bunch of courses by this professor in the future. Mastermind, Florida, USA


Excellent Course. I’ve just finished listening to the audio version of this course and I can’t sing its praises highly enough. It’s a long course at nearly thirteen hours but it’s structured in such a way that the time flies by and every individual course leaves you with a valuable insight or takeaway. I especially like, that although Prof. Freemen leaves you in no doubt as to where he sees the best methods for negotiating, he still covers other more one sided, aggressive win / lose strategies so that you’re prepared when others use them. I could list all of the insights I’ve gained but I’m sure I’d breach the word limit on this review. Experience the course, you won’t regret it, and I suspect the knowledge you’ll learn will pay for itself in days or weeks. Great work.
Greg Allen, London, England.


Podcast: The Torch Interviews Prof. Freeman about the Course


The Great Courses

Designed to meet the powerful demand for lifelong learning, The Great Courses is an intellectually engaging series of video and audio courses led by leading professors and experts in diverse fields such as philosophy, history, literature, science, and the arts. The Great Courses currently maintains a catalog of more than 500 courses delivered by leading teachers from universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, and more.