Speaking, Training and Consulting

Seth Freeman has spoken, trained, coached, and consulted extensively on negotiation and conflict management for major institutions and small groups for over a decade.Read more

The Ready & Able Negotiator

Here is a brief, practical guide to getting ready for any important negotiation using a proven, powerful preparation tool called the ‘I FORESAW IT’ mnemonic. Read more

The Great Courses

Professor Freeman has recorded a 24 session course on The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal for The Great Courses. Read more

Researching The Trust Problem

Professor Freeman has long studied the Trust Problem, which he calls The Most Important Question: “How do I know I can rely on your assurances and that it’s safe to deal with you?” Read more

I FORESAW IT Essay and Form

How do you prepare for a negotiation? A simple planning tool can help you focus your thinking. The tool is a mnemonic called ‘I FORESAW IT.’

Brief Essay: Here is the classic five-page essay describing each part of the mnemonic.
I FORESAW IT 2018 Edition Really

Form: Here is the I FORESAW IT form itself in Word format. Download it onto your electronic furniture so you’re ready to use it when a crisis strikes.
I FORESAW IT 2018 Template

Book: Here is the book that explores the I FORESAW IT in depth: http://www.professorfreeman.com/book

Case Study: Here is a classic account from a student of how he used the I FORESAW IT in a crisis to save and improve a merger, and save his and his boss’s career:
Merger Case Study