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Negotiation Challenge- Fine Franks’™ Offer

Negotiation Challenge

Well it’s a pleasure to meet you. We know your reputation, and your success running the restaurant. We’ve looked at our budget carefully and we would like to make an offer to purchase your restaurant.

We can offer you a package worth a total of $240,000. The package would include a $170,000 note payable over 18 months, plus a nearly new Ford delivery van deliverable when we close worth $70,000. (Federal law says the van cannot be sold or traded again for seven years, but it’s a classic in very good condition.)

In return, we’d purchase the restaurant and ask for your commitment to work with us on site to keep it running during a four-month transition period. Also, as a show of good faith, we’d ask that you back the restaurant’s performance for the first year after the sale, so that if sales fall below your previous results we’d receive back a $25,000 repayment.

We can close seven weeks after we shake hands. If you’d first like to make a change in the deal terms, we’d just have to run the change by the board which will take two to four weeks. Alas, the board can’t increase the note’s value or the station’s overall price, but it may be open to one or two other change(s).

So to sum up, our basic offer is for a total of $240,000 in exchange for the restaurant plus a bit of support in the transition.

So, what will you do? Click on one of the following.


Accept the offer as is Select

Accept the offer with one change (other than price)

Accept the offer with two changes (other than price)

Reject the offer Select